whiteheaven beach, Australia

    Whitehaven Beach is located in the Whitsunday Islands and Airlie Beach Region. Whitehaven Beach is a spectacular, picture-perfect white sand beach. In the competition for best beach, Whitehaven, on Whitsunday Island, has been regularly bandied about. Whitehaven Beach supporters cite the sand, which is pure white silica (which means made up of tiny grains of granite and suitable to be used to create the most precise glass for optical instruments etc.) and very very bright in the warm sun, set against 7kms of clear waters which naturally appear a stunning shade of blue. If your idea of the best beach involves having the colours just right you will love Whitehaven Beach.

    This Beach is truly enchanting. The beach forms a wide arc with an inlet on one end, with sand so white, you’ll need your sunnies to protect your eyes from the glare. The sea is an astounding spectrum of turquoise and blue.

    The sand on the beach is quite extraordinary. It’s said to be 99.9% silica, some of which was used to make the lens on the Hubble telescope. The sand, which always feels cool even on a hot day, has a very compact structure, kind of like moist salt, and when you walk on it, the sound of each footstep is similar to the barks of seals. Blue-spotted stingrays, baby sharks and schools of colourful fish can often be seen swimming close to the shoreline.

    Whitehaven Beach can be experienced in several ways. If you’re interested in a day trip, there are ferries and luxury cruising yachts that depart from Airlie Beach. A variety of sailing companies also offer multi-day charters that include a memorable visit to Whitehaven Beach in addition to stops to the outer Great Barrier Reef. Seaplanes and helicopters also visit the area offering stunning views from the sky.

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whiteheaven beach, Australia

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