South American Beaches

    South American Beaches

    South America is a sub-continent blessed with paradisiac beaches. In general terms, there are three types of beaches in South America: the ones on the Atlantic Ocean, the ones on the Pacific Ocean, and the ones on the Caribbean Sea.

    Discovered by the Spanish and then divided between them and the Portuguese, South America has inherited an amazing mixture of types and races, among the Europeans and the local inhabitants, creating a singular and genuine new inhabitant of these lands, combining the warmth and grace of Latinos with European elegance. So, once in South America, is good to know which are the best beaches to visit.

    The Beaches Of Colombia

    Best Beaches Of Venezuela, South America

    Venezuela is a federal republic located on the north of South America. It has many natural areas among which four big regions stand out: the Andes region, the Caribbean region, the plains region and the Amazon jungle region. Besides its continental territory, Venezuela has an insular territory that has a group of archipelagos, islands and islets on the Caribbean Sea that have many amazing beaches.

    Best Beaches Of Argentina, South America

    Ah! How many rush on this beach

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South American Beaches

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